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The latest RELX Infinity 2 vape device is the newest addition to the RELX family.

As with the RELX Infinity and Essential, the Infinity 2 is a compact and lightweight pen-style device designed for both beginner and veteran vapers, but with some groundbreaking added features.
Customise your vaping experience with 3 power modes!
This feature is only compatible with RELX Pro Pods V2.
Vape your way with your choice of 3 vaping modes; Eco, Smooth and Boost, easily selectable by the push of a button with the RELX Infinity 2 and identifiable by the LED light colour.
Eco Mode runs on a reduced power setting of 5.5w. This setting gives you a lighter vaping experience with less output and also preserves battery life by up to 25% vs smooth mode!
Smooth Mode delivers the most similar vaping experience to the RELX infinity and RELX Essential. At a slightly higher 6.5w power output this gives you the familar vaping experience you know and love with traditional RELX Products.
Boost Mode runs on an enhanced power setting of 8w delivering instant satisfaction, maximum flavour & 15% more vapour output than smooth mode.
Enhanced Battery Technology
The RELX Infinity 2 comes with improved ultra fast charging. You can now charge a RELX device in less than 15 minutes; 130% faster than prior RELX infinity devices.
In addition to quicker charging, the RELX Infinity 2 comes with an additional 14% battery capacity compared to the RELX Infinity. At 440 mAh, you'll have no problem being out on the go for a solid day.
Choose from 6 Colours
The RELX Infinity 2 comes in your choice of Green Navy, Dark Astroid, Blue Bay, Cherry Blossom, Royal Indigo and Obsidian Black.