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RELX Infinity Single Pod

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Ditch traditional cigarettes and take your tastebuds on a satisfying journey with RELX PODS, which comes in an extraordinary range of vape flavors both with and without nicotine. Designed for the RELX RELX Infinity Device and RELX Essential Device, RELX Pods offers not only great taste and high-quality e-liquid, but also an exceptionally smooth vaping experience courtesy of RELX exclusive Super Smooth technology and leak-resistant pod design.

Whether you are simply looking for a good throat hit or are in it to explore a variety of tasty vape flavors, RELX Pods has your needs covered. Shop our extensive RELX Pods flavors online, a leading vape brand in Australia.

RELX brand's cutting-edge Super Smooth technology was created with the help of lotsof scientists from the RELX lab through a process of over 76 sensory tests and adjustments. No matter what vape flavor you're in the mood for , you can count on a satisfying and smooth puff every time.

With RELX Pods, you don't have to put up with vape juice leakage from your device anymore! RELX Pods feature 11 structural layers to effectively prevent leakage or condensation build-up and help seal in the vape juice and flavors securely.

Our RELX Pods collection includes a wide variety of vape flavors and varying nicotine levels, covering the need of all types of vapers. 


-Smooth Draw. Extensive sensory testing has produced one of the smoothest draws and mouthfeel available.
-No Leaks. 
-More Puffs. The 1.9ml pre-filled pods last approximately 650 puffs.
-Plenty of Power. 

With a wide range of RELX Pods flavors to choose from, there's sure to be more than one flavor that you will love RELX Pods. No mess, no mixing , no fuss!