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HQD Box 4000 Puffs 38 Flavors

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Planning to quit smoking? Looking for a hassle-free alternative? Try using HQD box disposable vape instead of traditional cigarettes. OzVapings offers you an extensive range of products that are easy and convenient to use.

Vape pens are battery-operated vapour-producing and hand-held devices. They are essentially electronic cigarettes that are filled with e-juice that are available in different flavours. The e-liquid in HQD 4000 puffs box devices is infused with nicotine to give a pleasurable hit.

Besides convenience, HQD 4000 box vape devices usually feature some of the latest technologies for e-cigs users. Disposable vapes are the best solution for smokers who have just switched to vaping from smoking. Available in various flavours, vapes are definitely worth the investment.

HQD BOX 4000 is a great option for smokers looking to make the switch to vaping. With its disposable design and high puff count of up to 4000, HQD BOX comes with 9ml pre-filled e-liquid.

HQD uses their unique leak-resistance tech in HQD BOX vapes. The enhanced e-juice container significantly reduces leaking, it is also strong enough to endure a certain level of shocks from dropping.

With the help of the key ring and a strap, you can conveniently attach it to your keys or to your bag, so you'll never forget or lose your favorite vape.


-Size: 41x23x86mm
-E-Liquid Capacity: 10ml
-Battery Capacity: 1500mAh
-power range: 7W-12W
-Easy To Carry
-Metallic Colours
-Variety flavors
-Puff Capacity: 4000-Nicotine Concentration: 50mg/ml

HQD Box 4000 Disposable Vape

Disposable HQD vape devices come in attractive designs and shapes, offering the sensation of smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette in Melbourne. Get the vape with the flavour of your choice and enjoy the experience in a healthy manner.

Coming with a battery, storage tank, heating element and mouthpiece, a typical disposable HQD box vape is often considered much better than smoking a traditional cigarette in Australia. The storage tank contains e-liquid, which is made of a particular flavour and nicotine.

Vaping is not as dangerous as smoking, which is infamous for causing lung cancer, emphysema, and other life-threatening diseases. At OzVapings, we offer you a range of HQD box vape in Australia that does not contain a horde of harmful chemicals. Moreover, vaping is more economical than smoking while eliminating all stress of regular cleaning, saving time and energy.

Why Consult OzVapings?

Disposable HQD box vape is known for its variety of flavours and convenience. Withdrawing isn’t as difficult when smokers switch to smoking. It is convenient as you can simply discard it when the battery or e-juice gets depleted.

At OzVapings, we stock an extensive range of disposable HQD box 4000 puffs with diverse flavours. Choose from a range of desired flavours and experiment with your delicious inhales.

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